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By The Gods ... You're Beaautiifull!

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I paint how I feel, but my Degree is in Fine Art Photography. I love to travel! I love drinking coke while eatting a peppermints! I love walking around barefoot, walking on a beach feeling the sand squish between my toes, being near the water of an ocean and listening to the waves, being in the middle of a concert jumping up and down getting lost in the beats,the smell of oil paints and photography chemicals, I love the click of the shutter button underneath my finger, the way my finger traces simple objects like a pencle finding the deeper meaning in the ridges that make up it's contour.  I love flying, I love sailing, I love riding my bike and snowboarding, I want to learn to skim board. I love watching rugby and softball when I have a chance. I love Music! Neo Trip Hop is my favorite new kind of music! I love talking on the phone and texting!

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